Solid4U Accountants & Tax Advisors

Solid4U Accountants & Tax Advisors was founded in 2009. There are currently over 12 professionals employed with Solid4U. Thanks to a unique combination of expertise and hands on experience and background in accounting, (international) tax and issues in business-oriented economics, any process conducted by Solid4U is characterized by a multidisciplinary approach. As a result, we are able to offer our clients first class advice and services. Solid4U operates on a national and international basis. We are located in Breda and currently we are engaged setting up an office in Amsterdam. Solid4U is also a member of the international tax and accounting network named IAPA.

Accounting services

In addition to compiling your annual accounts and to meeting your legal & statutory obligations, our aim is to provide a service that supports you and your business to grow and achieve business success. We seek to develop long term business relationships with you and are committed to providing a high level of service within agreed timescales.

We can help (small) companies which are seeking an bookkeeping service to multinational corporations looking for support with their annual accounts and tax planning.

Tax services

The Dutch and European tax systems are complex. There is often the potential to significantly reduce your tax liability within your business or personal life. Our tax specialists provide you with comprehensive advice on all aspects of direct and indirect tax, national and international.

Business Advisory

Are you facing difficulties in achieving the growth you forecast or to reach your ambitions? Our business advisors can help you.
 In a close relationship with you we will identify the key issues related to your business, making a plan and support you in the execution of this plan. Of course, we will adapt our services to suit you and your business. This can be a full implementation or just provide guidance regarding a (part of a) project.

The Solid4U approach

We are not just an accountant; we are business advisors! We develop a thorough understanding of your business in order to provide top quality services. To provide you the best proactive, value-added advice and truly understand your business, we work on a close relationship with you. This enables us to offer you a tailor made service which is focussed at your needs.

Solid4U is a member of the UK200 Group, the leading membership association of independent accountants and lawyers in the UK.